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A wiki dedicated to showing villains of all forms, categories, shapes, and sizes to be discovered. Includes Film, TV, video games, literature, and many more. If you're looking for a bad guy that has shown traits of villainy, no matter how big or small, you've come to the right place. With pages featuring loads of villains (including rejected villains), your contributions are grateful to evil-doers everywhere.

About this Wiki

The Other Villains Wiki was established in response to many pages being deleted over at the Villains Wiki, where many argued as to who qualified as a villain and who didn't. When one of the pages on that wiki, Joey Donner, was deleted despite opposition that he is a villain, he paved way for the creation of this wiki you now see today.

Regardless if a certain character lacks a backstory, or may not be seen as a villain but is, or even if they're simple jerks or bullies, villains of all forms, categories, shapes, and sizes are welcome to be created. Unlike Villains Wiki, any page you create on here will not be deleted (without some form of approval first such as if they possess villainy) as this wiki accepts all kinds of villains with few restrictions.

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